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Delivery conditions


Check whether your name, address, zip code, place of residence and telephone details are correctly entered on the purchase agreement. If the delivery address is a different address than the main address on the purchase agreement, the delivery address must also be stated on the purchase agreement.

DELIVERY delivers the goods to your company or home at the agreed rate. The goods are delivered on the ground floor, behind the first door. In the case of flats, etc., this also means on the ground floor. The driver is driving alone and do you need help with unloading? So make sure someone is present who can physically help with lifting. Deliveries on pallets are delivered to the first door, the delivery service does not stack these for you. Naturally, the delivery service will try to place the car as close as possible to the location desired by the customer. Because we deliver the goods neatly to you, we therefore request that you clear the entrance / passageway from obstacles such as paintings, bicycles, plants, prams, cupboards, etc. In view of the often large size of the products, we ask for your understanding for this rule. For delivery in the Netherlands, the standard delivery rate applies up to 35 kilos (with the exception of the Wadden Islands), after which a special rate applies. This is always in consultation. Any additional costs for delivery above 35 kilos will be passed on to you.


Time agreements are not possible, but we can agree on a part of the day.


If it turns out that the goods do not fit through the door or cannot go up, there is a possibility to choose a hoist or lift service. This will not happen on the same day. A new appointment must be made for this. Our deliverers will take pictures of the situation, communicate them to the Planning department and make a new appointment with you on the spot. This service is provided for an additional cost of €150.00 for dining/lifting and €100.00 for the 2nd delivery. We would also like to point out that you as a buyer are at all times responsible for ensuring that the goods you have purchased can actually go in/up.


If no one is present to receive the goods, the driver will take them back to storage. You can then call for a new delivery appointment, for which delivery costs will be charged again; after all, we then drove twice, so we also incurred twice the costs.


Our delivery service does not drive with money, ie you cannot pay the driver. This for security reasons. If you want to have goods delivered, these must be paid at our office upon declaration. We cannot deliver goods that have not been paid.


The delivery service employees of Ballast have built up enormous experience over the years in the efficient and customer-oriented delivery of our products. But there is always room for improvement. In order to guarantee our delivery quality and where necessary improve it further, we randomly conduct short delivery satisfaction surveys at customers where the goods have recently been delivered. It is therefore possible that you will be called shortly after delivery by one of our employees with a number of short questions about the delivery. This takes about 3-4 minutes.

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